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First Time? - Gay Guys! <3

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How was your first time having sex? Do u remember how was it and with whom? Just curious :P


Oyeah It was the best of all =o

It was in his room, in the night with the sky filled of stars. And the best, there was music. I never had a better sex with someone else. We was one, and it has during long time xÐ all the night haha

Really great =)


Ah, for me it was the neighborhood pedo. I followed him up the old dump road and he gave me a blow job. I had to have him stop because I thought I was going to pee.


intense, kinda quick, and somewhat disappointing. with my second bf, was supposed to be a random hookup at his place, ended up being a regular thing


Frist time was fun..It was with two school mates...


hi i wand old age guys who r 50 to 65 i love old guys


yes with a lad my own age We where both 14 at the time,it was Great


Scary as hell, I got face raped in a bog in Southsea when I was 13.5yo. I was terrified, but after, at home, it seemed real exciting


i got rape in the big city i just arive there it was not pleasent by 2 guys i manage to run away with my undewear in the winter the police stop me they took me where my clothes was i got my clothes they left the two guys go the police call me a fagget they laft at me
i was just turning 16
there was no laws them days those dam police i hope they rot in hell that happen in montreal canada