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Labour Day Wkd!!! - Gay Guys! <3

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Friday Sept 2nd, 11, 22:30 Hrs M.D.T.
Hey Boys & Girls!,

Hey Its the Labour Day Wkd in Canada/States. Not Sure Ifs It a Long Wkd in a
Few Other Countries - Europe, Britian, or Austrailia etc, So Its 4 Days to Relax and If We are LUcky Lets Relate to Ideally Positive Events We Want or Hope to Do etc.
I'll Start With Saying It Might B Quiet - Do a Bit of Shoping, Sunday is a Gay
Pride/Parade in My City - Calgary, Monday Probably Just Take It Easy Get Caught Up on the Internet etc.
Let See Where This All Leads to, OK,

Hey Have Fun, OK,


For me, here in the U.S. it means three days of relaxing. On Monday have a big old cookout. Big steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, and a green salad. Maybe top it all off with Strawberry Shortcake.


Herein the UK Labour day is just a normal non de-script day.


@mark: would you mind one more for dinner? Lol
Enjoy everyone!

@andrew: sounds like you have it planned out. Hope you enjoy your time off, my friend!


Just another boring weekend here. Sigh.

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