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Is there nothing left to leave behind? A broken heart on the ground perhaps, but wait it’s not yours; it’s mine. There's no one here to please anymore, no one but myself, which isn’t anything new, as it’s clear I was never meant to be with you, because you bid me due without any sort of reason, but I’m trying to make myself believe it was just the wrong season. The roses you had blooming within my soul have now turned to weeds, and there's nothing left here to see, there’s nothing at all, no sort of glee. With the main point being that there’s no more you and me, it kills me to say but you made it this way. Yet, there's no sad apology or attempt to mend what you’ve done, but I see how you are and know your tricks, so we’ll see what happens when you need your fix. And just so you know, you had my heart, but gave it back. Hand from hand, all shattered and cracked. I try to mend my broken heart, but it’s too sick and unloved.