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It might as well been spring
As we walk along the moonlight Bay.
Let's cuddle up a little closer
As we watch the stars above.

Let's have this romance on the high seas
While the birdies sing us a love song.
Isn't it a great feeling, darling?
Perhaps, the roses will send us a kiss.

Come, softly whisper in my ear
Hold me, hold me in your arms.
Kiss me, kiss me once more
Darling, Oh so, so tenderly.

Let me know that you care
Don't ever, ever let me go.
My moonlight lover,
Make love, make love to me.

Monday August 29, 2011


nice i know few words but i let the typen to other was a good poem......


very heart felt poem Laura. I have quite a few on here if you would like to look back at some of the discussions in this poetry forum


Hi Winds, Jeanie, thanks for reading my poem. This is one of many thousands I've written over the last years. Laura xoxox


I have been writing for over 39 years and had some published. I have grown over the years mentally and throw them out as I change my perspective. I have kept few from the past but now for the last 10 years I have kept most of them and sometimes I wish I had kept all of them. But to me its like cleansing myself of my demons so to speak as you get wiser your not that person any more and you don't feel the way you did when you were young and naive.

Here is one I wrote not too long ago. . . .

“Physical Attraction”

Quenching the urges,
Of feelings inside,
Soft places,
Are thought of
So eloquent,
With sensual thoughts.

Rough spots,
Give inquisitive,
To wonder,
Life's experiences.

Eyes of blue,
Or golden brown,
No matter what color,
They seem profound,
With beauty,
From the eye
Of the beholder.

Physical elements,
Of shapely goods,
Bold chests
Plumping breasts,
Give joy
From imagination
Till juices flow,
From underground.

Hand in hand,
With joy felt sound,
Feeling like fairies,
In the soft dew ground.

Soft embrace,
With pink tongues,
Taste of riches
All abound,
Juices flow,
With an eruptions sound,
Heavenly bliss,
As we lay there bound.

Jeanie Rose


Wow. Intense imagery, Jeanie.