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well - Gay Guys! <3

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my companion passed away five years ago and I'm looking for friends and fun. I live in a really conservative area. I'm begginning to think it's impossible. We only have one gay bar in the county I live in which is Ventura county and no one there is into friendship they want to either consummate the relationship in the bathroom or at their place. I've tried a bunch of websites plenty of Fish adam4adam. Ideally I would like a younger guy, but then some say at 38 im way to old but hey im open to older guys too . am I the only one frustrated, any advice or sympathy?


Raymond ... I am sorry for your loss, but to be honest. i think that after five years it ok to go out in public and look for gay friends and maybe a new relationship. get off the web sites... you sound like you live in 'no where land' get in our car and get over to west hollywood.. what, a 30 minute drive.. the gay capital of los angeles... so no sympathy... get over there and have some fun and meet some nice guys....


Dear Raymond, I also lost my companion of nine years to cancer a few years ago so I can both empathize and sympathize with you. Consequently, I know what you are going through for I am also going through it, as well. If you ever need a friend and/or someone to talk to, please know I am always available. William