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well ive been looking for a little bit now - Gay Guys! <3

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my companion passed away five years ago and I'm looking for friends and fun. I live in a really conservative area. I'm begginning to think it's impossible. We only have one gay bar in the county I live in which is Ventura county and no one there is into friendship they want to either consummate the relationship in the bathroom or at their place. I've tried a bunch of websites plenty of Fish adam4adam. Ideally I would like a younger guy, but then some say at 38 im way to old but hey im open to older guys too . am I the only one frustrated, any advice or sympathy?


hi raymond,how are ya,im pretty in the same situation,on my own my partner passed away a long time ago,this is the first site i have tried,i dont go on the gay scene here,in my opinion their all just out for one thing,id rather get to know someone first,dont lose hope,im certinally not,hang on in there,talk to you soon,x.


i sure thier good guys out there some where