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Flawless like a diamond
Shining alone, in the air.
Love is neither simple,
We worship its tenacity,

In the calm of oblivion
Love's light burns ever bright.
Alone...and shining strong,
The heart struggles to break free.

This love is ours to share,
Be sure to handle it with care.
It is ours forever, darling...
This passion that shines in the night.

A flower that blossoms in the spring,
And a bird that sings in its flight.
Our love was called from heaven above,
It's light has set my heart aglow.

When you touched your lips to mine,
I never knew the thrill of life's beauty.
This love will never fade away,
For there's no other bond like ours.

Laura Lynn Petersen


clap very nice..


Emotional. Very good imagery.


Hi, thanks for reading my poem, and the compliments, Laura xoxox


your most welcome us wordy people need clap on back to