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what should i do - Gay Guys! <3

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well recently i started to talk again to one of my guy friends that i really care about/love.when we talk i like how we can connect and just really know each other and laugh. but then again he does make me annoyed/angry sometimes.
i really dont appreciate that he always talks about how im a brat at times or a bitch but i still love him enough to put up with it.
he has shown me the most wonderful moment in my life and i will have that in my heart forever and i wanna take things to a whole new level
so i wanna know what yours guys' opinions are about the situation are and if you need more info just ask
maybe its the age difference i means hes 21 and im 17 or maybe something else
so please leave your opinions and qustions


lenny... i am one of the older guys on this site, and have had five long time lovers, so what i am saying comes from experience. first you say talking to 'guy friend' and later say 'care about/love' so my first question is: have you two been together in real time (made love, had sex, been together more than a few nights together?) it sounds like you are having an affair, and at 17 that is a wonderful thing, and i don't think the four years difference in age makes that much difference. I would have a lot more questions, before saying much more, but i think like I said before... this is a fling, and you will have a few more,and at 17 and you should.. If you really want to talk, send me a private message and i will call you. Jerry


age is just a #,,,go with your feelings and feel his


@lenny: it sounds like there is a respect issue going on here. If he is putting you down or as dean metioned, is it a term of endearment. Talk with him, communicate with him. Find out where you fit in his world.