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When I was taking a theology class at university, the retired priest who taught it, always told us not to accept without research, what the Bible says. He would show examples of how the Greek terms used in original writings had been, perhaps misinterpreted, or otherwise used in a different context. It has been too many years since I studied to give your examples, but I came across this information and thought you might find it of interest.

Now, you have to understand, the class I took was for those desiring to become ministers. It was at a state university so it was not taught as a Bible study, but more of a study of the Bible.

If you are interested, take a look at this link. It's pretty interesting and perhaps might just show how the Greeks messed up the Bible... LOL Too many meanings of the same word.

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how ridiculous thing to say
you really believe that god is not able to ensure that his word is faithfully/perfectly
his word stands forever....

you've read too many catholic books....try some Christian teaching books...or better still ,a Bible even...