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I wanted to put my fist poem up here, hope you guys like it. - Poetry Group

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First Love
I am the one left behind
It is I who weep
It is I that feels the pain that cuts like a knife
It is I with a broken heart
It is I without a best friend
It is I confused
It was the adults who said
They could “fix me”
As if I was a thing that was broken, not a person
How could they not see my pain how could they dare to condemn me because of what they wanted?
All I wanted was to love
It was the adults who told my parents “He’s just going through a phase
Nobody wanted this yet how could I not be myself?
Finally alas it is I alone left to heal my broken heart and must face the world
Finally I must say it what is in my heart
Three simple words
“I love you”
And to be stuck with shock and silence rejection I should have known this could never be.
So now I stand alone. I am a boy against the world.
And I am gay.
Raymond D. Johnson 7/23/11 revised 8/16/11 Copyright 2011


very nice

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