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What a lie!! - Poetry Group

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This is a poem that I wrote about my sister. She said she would always be there for me & loves me no matter what. Well recently she called me a lesbian bitch & said she was done with me. It just hurts so bad this how how family treats you.

You said you just want me to be happy
Now I see that was all a lie
You never where ok with my being gay
So you just lied about it anyway?
But now I see you for who you really are
Such hateful words you said
It doesn't seem to bother you
You just go on ahead
Like nothing ever happened
I thought you were family
I thought I knew who you were
I guess I was wrong
If only you could see the light
But then again your always right!!
It too late to take back the words you said
Don't lie to me & say you didn't mean them
It's too bad this is how it has to end
I thought we would always be friends
Too bad our kids have to grow up seeing such hate
It's not about who was right or wrong
I am sorry this ever happened
I am sorry that I cared