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I have no poetic talent, but I would like to introduce you to my favorite poet. - Poetry Group

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She is absolutely amazing. I get addicted to her, and then I forget about her, and then I stumble across her, and then I get addicted all over again. So full of passion and emotion. Truly incredible.

Walmart ~ http://youtu.be/fVGD19VvpSA
Asking too much ~ http://youtu.be/Ylq7yiyD5u8
Stay ~ http://youtu.be/w7VH115fxfk
How It Ends ~ http://youtu.be/gH289VHtx3w
For Eli ~ http://youtu.be/14zbC-AwM1Y

Walmart and For Eli are really sad emotional. Deep.

Asking too much is my favorite.

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