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trying to get out of the friendship zone - Lesbian Ladies

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i've been trying to get this girl to date me, we've known each other for 3 years, we text each other a lot, we have shared the same experiences, have a few things in common (values, music tastes, films and sports) and i feel i can be 100% myself with her, we can talk for hours. We've been hanging out she's even been back to mine to watch films, chill etc.

But! i feel like she only likes me as a friend... what more can i do to improve this relationship?

btw we can differ in music tastes like she likes rock music, she likes parties and social events but i don't feel ready, i'm shy when it comes to flirting, is there any advice you guys can give? i'm desperate


well... is she gay?


well she's been out with a girl


tried joking around and just blurting out... *do u think im attractive?* orr... just telling her maybe?