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stupid stereotypes - Lesbian Ladies

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i asked a teenage straight guy what he thought about lesbians and he said
"Their the ones that can't get laid by a guy so they turn to girls right?" i was totally shocked, there are a lot of beautiful lesbian girls on this site and from meeting and none of them are in relationships with girls because they can't find a guy (lesbians = attracted to girls only)

what are the other stereotypes about lesbians and what do you think of these stupid rumors?


http://youtu.be/UB_xsc7qt2g - The Real L Word: Common Misconceptions. You should watch this if you haven't already.


@Shophie GOD I hate guys like that, I want to punch them in the face.


some guys dont seem to get it through their heads that lesbians are not attracted to men.

oh hey, list your favorite stereotypes of hte lgbtq community

1) bisexuals are promiscuous and prone to cheat
2) lesbians just haven't had sex with a guy yet
3) gay men are founts of STI's
4) bisexuals just want to infect good little lesbians with STI's from men
5) women/women relations can't have real sex
6) male/male relations are all anal and unprotected

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