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I Hate Numbers... - Gay Guys! <3

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Fever until 40°C.

After eating some medicines, I hid in the blanket and slept for the whole day. I've not been this sick for sometimes, I just got 38°C in the morning, it seemed like the temperature increased by hours.

Before this, I didn't own a thermometer, I can only told my friend "I think I'm sick..."; but now, with the little thermometer, I can tell them the exact scale "40°C...".

When I need to go to the university to settle down some group assignments, I will just tell them "40°C...", when they heard the numbers, they have no choice but to help me to do all my parts xD

No matter how much I hate numbers and math, I need to use them everyday:

I need my alarm clock to wake me up everyday, 7:05am, it's the time for me to get up from the bed and start showering.

I need to exercise 20 minutes for everyday, I will not do more than that, not even more than two minutes. NO.

For lunch, I need to put my dishes into the oven for seven minutes, just seven minutes, the dishes will turn weird and too soft if they are heated for too long.

And the most important, my psychological numbers in my heart:

If I have a numbering scale for every day's mood, then I feel 67% depression today... my voice isn't that good today, I can't sing like yesterday.

Similarly, my happiness is 32% today, that's why things don't go smooth with me today...

I think I'm fat today... 67%, maybe I had two pieces of roasted chicken drumsticks for my SUPPER last night!!! Plus some water contents, oh no!

My level of confidence for today is just 33%... but yesterday was 71%... ):

My passion for today: 15%, so I'm not into your drama today, don't pull me in...

I hate numbers and mathematical thingy, but well, I'm using numbers everyday... I'm a little crazy I guess, do you agree?

And what's your level of horny feeling today? Nope, you don't have to tell me...



Math and science were my two weaknesses.


i am feeling just bad..............


Math and science were also MY weakest subjects, It seems odd when someone says their temp is 40 until I realize thats CELCIUS. We still us the Farenheit scale here in the US.


40 degrees is hot, no?


People just can't get what I was writing. It was somehow a PROSE.



Well I can write at where I want to, I do not need your suggestion Andrew.

Thanks (=

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