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to hope is to lose
i dare not to hope

i fear to lose
i wish for you

and yet

i wish for nothing
as they say hope is the last thing that kill you
from in to out

i wish you could be here
which i knew that
you surely won't be

no matter how hard i wish

the first memory of you is fading
the first time i took a glimpse on you
my heart had told me to stop before i get hurt deeper

but alas i get attached to you
and couldn't shake off the loneliness that i felt
when i'm not with you

i don't know what happen to us

i guess i should just wish that i never met you in the first place
i bid my farewell to you
which i had no idea where you are in the moment

the embrace you gave me
i still can feel the warmth
for time when you touched me
my heart yearn for you
helplessly pleading don't touch me if you don't love me

i can feel your breath on my ear
as you whisper "thank you "

for the very moment for such close contact

i was happy
you are the only one that caught me off guard

i want you to tease me again
i want to hear from you again

as for the last thing
i want to know

how are you doing?

i'm truly desperate
wanting to know your well being

even though i know
you'll be fine without me

cause i'm just someone you met last year

a junior to you

a mere friend and buddy

Thousand misses lingered in the air

I miss you


Wow. I feel like that sometimes.


during that moment it's really overwhelming and despairing...

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