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The Chaos of love

Love is not fair;
It bites at you
When you’re smitten,
It bites at you
When you are not forgiven.

Loves desire
Becomes chaos
Which makes no sense,
No true meaning,
But knowing
What you feel inside,
Is anything
You will sacrifice,
Because it has you
At the throat,
Little relief;
But all the passion
That your heart bestows.

Love makes no sense,
Causing chaos in the mind,
While bearing
Tons of fruit;
Giving ultimate bliss,
And the love you yearn for,
When she is gone
And you miss.

Love give you joy,
But causes,
You stomach to spin,
While your mind
And nothing is logical.

Love is a strange,
Of many concerns,
And nice to find
She loves
In return.

Jeanie Rose


Could you imagine the ocean without water or the sun without light? That is I without love.


wow! that's pretty intense Jack. I have lived without love and it was painful but now I have become more resilient as time and age have made me wise.


I get great inspiration when I go down to the Hudson River.


yes I could see that. The ocean where I live used to do that for me, then sometimes listening to birds or looking at the clouds. Lately though watching movies gives me many thoughts, and even reading some parts of the bible when I am troubled has inspired me too.

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