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Toxic - Gay Guys! <3

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How do you deal with toxic people in your life. I know how I have dealt with mine, but want to open a discussion to see how others deal with toxic people in y'lls life. If it's not getting to personal tell a story. And if you could end the tale on a up beat note


Mark, I find that the old expression of "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" works for me.

Rather than confrontation, just ignore them. They will soon get the message. Getting into a "bitch-fight" is not worth the energy or the time.

If Toxic People annoy you, there are options....click on the "delete" button, change your telephone number, or keep your address secret.


Very true Andy. Any guy I find annoying or who can't speak english to me and just there language, I just block and delete. well WHENEVER da block arrives.