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WHAT TO DO - Gay Guys! <3

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I lost what I thought was a very good friend and now that I have open my eyes to the way our relationship was I understood that it was the right thing for me to do to keep me some what sane, but now she want to get back in my life and that is something I don't need. My problem is that when I told her that I couldn't get with her holier than thou way of life and always just listing to what is happening in her life and being told that what I was going through was that important she telling people that I'm mad at her and hold on to a grudge and that is truly not the case. I want to know what to do about her saying this. Why is it that when you have open your eyes and start seeing peoplee for who they really are that they start spreading damagen rumors to make you look bad. We were friends(my sick from of friendship) for almost 30 years and we have had fights before but this last one one my eyes and I start seeing how I would walk on eggs not to upset her, but now I have grown and I need to move on and have people around me that will support me as do them.


I say, ignore the back talk. If she wants to spread rumors about you then it does nothing but prove the point that she is not a good person to have in your life. It also helps with the others. If they are dumb enough to take her word or her rumor then they are probably somewhere on the same level as each other and are no good for you. So just move on. Do what is best for you and the rest will follow.


i agree


Yeah, I agree too.