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I look to you with eyes touched by cinnamon
Reminiscent of the autumn breeze
With every branch and every leaf I cry
Fluorescent colors surrounding me in the tranquil fire
I shift my lips as thoughts of you I are desired, yet burns my tongue

- You and I are imminent yet we change faces, change spaces as seasons will change

The warmth of the glowing sun has crossed over into winter
Causing my heart to grow still and emotions run dry and bitter
I wish we could’ve saved a piece of us in April
Capturing the joy by the pond in spring
Dancing in the wind; we fly through sunlight and patches of silk on wings

All the memories I have are in vain of the night
Slowly falling like the leaves...I breathe in your essence
Still feeling the heat of the summer
Climaxing my indefinite benevolence to what we have lost in the fire

With every branch and every leaf I smile
If only we weren’t lost in the moment, maybe we wouldn’t have grown apart
But like the seasons love has changed
And then the Autumn breeze has stolen my heart

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