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Let the truth be uncovered
And let if be discovered
In this world I feel alone
Let the truth be told
Obsessions with meaningless man made materials
Empty lines that fills the youths ears
But they obtain no fear
Of the surrounding polluted air
Can this nonsense be curable?
One mind one soul
And I feel helpless
For the lives grow foul
All the meanwhile
We turn heads with carelessness
I seek to the abundance of stars
Dancing to the silence that deafens me
Lift me up with clarity
Guide me in a simple form of prosperity
Num me of distractions
Let me feel the soil between my toes
The air slipping through my fingers
Light settling upon my face
Give me the ultimate meaning
Of what life entails
Walk aside me
And guide me oh guardian angel
Lead the way
walk aside me and beside me
Give me strength to carry on
Better yet rest upon my shoulders
And replace this bulky burden
Aid me in comprehension
Of this never ending tension
That inflames my every thought


nice poem


This poem makes me feel there is great burden and you want someone to share it with and not be alone. I felt it!

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