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finding a guy to date - Gay Guys! <3

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we all wanna do that but it seems like such a challenge to do now a days. i know i wanna date but whenever i meet a guy i like and he likes me back i seem to make distance between us and give him the cold shoulder. i feel like its been my fear of rejection that makes me do this so i can say im gonna reject you before you can reject me. i know i shouldnt act like that but i always feel like ima look like the fool for loving a man that wont love me back. there are times i need to just let down my walls but i dont like to be like that.

ever since i was little i was remember the abuse i suffered from people around me so i have these walls to help me protect myself from stuff like that.i know im not good enough for most guys and i can understand that but if they can only see the physical and not get to know the person inside and what i really have to offer than they just be stuck up. shit i've seen hot guys together in a relationship and ones nice and the others a bitch and i ask the nice one why hes with him and the answer is always cause hes hot. god damn people why cant some guys get over looks and focus on talent. i know im thick but baby can i rock your world in the sheets. i can cook clean and do almost anything but it seems like guys are just too stuck up. well what do you guys think on guys like that and what do you think of me. i know people think im bitchy stuck-up(i dont see me as stuck-up) racist to white people which im not. my first love was a white guy so i do like white people just not snobby white people. and it seems like i have alot of problems but trust me we havent even scratched the surface haha so leave your comments on what you think of me and the discussion.

-peace and love


lenny why you trying so hard to sell your self,you sound more like a guy with a chip on his sholder most guys dont want all that drama ,i know some times it cant be helped but keep it out of what you have to offer it also depends on what your looking for in a guy and what you want and also you need to think on why guys think your bitchy and stuckup dont get me wrong iam not saying you are just saying you need to think on why guys think that of you


if every one was perfect they would put hollywood out of bisness it the flaws that bring smiles.


Lenny, I am with Satrer on this one.

I know it is a bad analogy, but it is a bit like young girls all thinking that just because they do not look like Barbie or Naomi Campbell then there is something wrong with them. We cannot all be George Clooneys or Brad Pitts.

You asked us to comment on what we think of you. Well I cannot do that without spending time with you, and your words simply tell me that you seem to put yourself down, unnecessarily. There is no such creature as "Mr. Perfect".

My experience with relationships is that it is healthy to have things pointed out to each other that do not sit well with the other...if that makes sense.

You then have two options...bail out, or gently compromise and make some changes within yourself. Every relationship (even family and friends, not just partners) involves give and take.

I am happy to say that the two most important relationships (ie partners) I have ever had are still my coolest and best friends. I suppose it boils down to identifying that "spark" that first attracted you to each other. No matter what happens after that, the initial "spark" will always be there, even if the relationship collapses for reasons that you only discover over time.

I hope that small suggestion has been helpful.

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