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Feeling so stupid. I fell for this girl we have been having a blast together. kissing, holding hands and but nothing went more then that so i thought that, that it was good that we were just taking it slow. then so drama happened and with mutual friends and people that i treat as family all knows each other and start so shit so i message her and i just i should of known from the begining and how we knew each other that we shouldnt be more than friends. but stupid me had to get feelings and i said something to her about all of the drama. and then i get i dont want to led you on. i dont want a relationship..
I feel that if someone doesnt want to let you on then dont kiss me dont hold my hand and mostly dont kiss me in front of my family then tell me later on. that you dont want to be nothing more. but im a great girl adorable and all that shit to make me feel better. I know that im ranting but it pisses me off that someone would do that.


Im sorry for what happened.


@jessica yea i hate that also that iz not a gud feelin that shit really hurts


so sorry