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My Suicide Note - Poetry Group

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Leave me alone
leave me to die
im just another mistake of a human life.

a waste of space
a waste of time

just a puppet without strings walking through the valley of eternal suffering

Im done trying
Im done crying
im ready to start dying

I would leave a suicide note but not like anyone would read it anyway

I don’t care if you hate me
I don’t care if you don’t like me
Either do I so join the party

hope your happy cause I know I sure am.

A rope around my neck and I feel so alive.

Here is my...
Final Goodbye…xxx


Buddy you are not I know how you feel i've been there. If you need to talk please message me Dalton.


Hey i may be a lesbo ( sorry) but i felt killing like myself today there horrible thoughts i don't know how too take your pain away.
something has happened that you can't talk about and it's eating you up inside.
i could be wrong but you did summit good today for me you left that poem on called life you made me feel not alone.
i know your young but i can still understand.
please if you want too get anything off your chest and swear like a trouper if you want,nothing shocks me so your safe with me,you can tell me anything
you know where i am if you need me take care xxxxxx and hugs

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