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Looking for friends in the Dallas area - Gay Guys! <3

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Hi, I live in Dallas, TX.
Since I'm not out, it's kind of hard to find gay friends. I can't just ask people if they're gay because that would be giving me away. I just want to find some gay friends and maybe a boyfriend because I'm tired of having to hide who I am and not being able to find anybody to play with


welcome mike


Mike whatr you have to do is us this site - it is one of the better one's - put in the details in the city scene or browse for your area and see how many guys there are in your area - then make contact with them for a start - then branch out has you get the courage to arrange to meet or find your local LGBT adviser and seek assistance. Its never easy, i only came out a couple of years ago and i am 48, partly due to being in the armed forces, and partly because i was afraid, which sounds a little like you, then found this site and am meeting someone soon - its going to be hard to do because of hiding all the time, but i am breaking out of my little shell and see what happens - it may be nothing but it is a start - if i was able i would be going to the nearest cities that i know have gay bars and stuff but i am housebound to a great degree so it is a small town i live in and just have to start the ball rolling here then see what happens - if you need further advise then i am happy to talk and there are others like michael wolfe and the one's who welcomed you - they are a great source of advise and encouragement - we live too far apart for me to do much but offer advise from a distance but am happy to help - hope it has and does.


Hi Michael
I would like to welcome you to the site as a long time person here on the site if you need any help I would be more then happy to help..I see by your profile you list what you like and that is the start now you need to join groups that you are into and do just what you did here start a discussion and put your self out there to meet friends.. You can add me as a friend and then I can help by recomending friends..I say add me because I am at my 500 request limit to ask for friends..I am also helping Gays.com with Meeting &Greeting the newcomers...So if you need help just message me here...

Sorry I should have wrote to you in a message....


Just north of dallas here, sherman texas! Message me boys! :ass::cock::cum:


Hope you'll get someone asap. All the best!