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I see you point Susan and you are right. The Gospels leave clear tha only Christ is the way. Because Christ is god himself. I suppose it is something cultural and people non catholics seems to consiider it very important. In catholicism it is not consider idolatry because they are not considered gods in themselves (including the Virgin).
Somehow catholicism has evolved aspects not easy to understand.


I agree that there's a lot about Catholicism I do not understand, just as there's much about other denominations that I just don't get. But that's ok, I'm sure there are lots of people that just don't get what I believe.

As for Idolatry, though the commandment was clear regarding the worshiping of other gods, I do believe that there are other things that can take the place of a god that one might worship [idol]. For example, sometimes money becomes a god to people when they put money before anything and anyone. The love for that money creates greed and so many other negative things that may follow. A person's car can take place of a god. I believe that anyone or anything that we put above all things becomes like a god [in a sense].

The fact that one prays "to" anyone or anything to intercede for us, I believe is wrong for the reasons I explained earlier. I know you said you understood my point, I just wanted to expand a little.

I think that Robert asked me quite a while ago if I had ever witnessed to a Catholic [or something like that]. I hadn't answered him only because I didn't see the question until recently when I reviewed some of the comments. I had witnessed to Catholics before. Sometimes it turns out great and other times it doesn't. I had a conversation with one guy for a couple of hours and we ended up having to just agree to disagree. And that's fine with me. I don't see a need to argue with anyone about religion. I share what I believe to be true, they share what they believe to be true, and when the day comes when we stand before the Lord, we will all know the truth.

Just wanted to share that )


but then they will be too late to respond to that truth..u dont get into heaven on the basis of believing false doctrines/dogmas n practices,, but in/on faith in jesus christ, but the roman catholic does not have their faith based on jesus, but in Mary..and her so called intercession...
roman catholics are hard work to witness to,,,as are JW's


I don't think Robert has the right point to comment ....but the real catholic doctrines /dogmas n practices are eventually based on one God's above,...all i can tell is if Rob wants to attend the catholic cathechism class over there and questioning the teacher surely he will comprehend....


those roman catholic doctrines are not found in scripture.!!!
they are not based on gods word
you couldnt pay me enough to attend such a so called class


Christopher - Though you may not agree with Robert [I'm assuming from your post], he does have the right to comment just as we all do. I would think that whether we agree with one another or not, we all have that right to express our beliefs and thoughts on a subject provided for discussion. I do not however think that we have a right to judge, condemn, or be hateful with the expressions of our thoughts or beliefs.

Robert, I agree that is is hard to witness to Catholics or JW's. It difficult sometimes to witness to any religion/denomination. I look at it this way, Just as I am strong in my belief and cannot be persuaded to believe otherwise, people of other faiths may be pretty strong in theirs and will not change. Just my thoughts.