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Coming out to the friends about being bi. - Bi Bi Bi Women

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i found out i was bi about 2, 3 years ago when i first started kissing girls i found out what had been missing in my life and that was woman but i also like men of course of else i would be a lesbian, the problem im having is coming out to my friends i love them all so much and am so close with them but they are all stright as a lamp post!! i need to tell them because i hate keeping things from them but what happends if i tell them and they think i like them or cant get changed in the same room because ill stare (which i wont) because there my friends and nothing else, it would help me out alot if people would tell me about their coming outs to their friends because i want to do it but i need to make sure its the right thing !!


The first person I came out to was my friend, whom I trusted the most at the time because I knew she was bi too. It is the right thing to do, but you just need to prepare yourself for anything they can possibly say or do, so you won't be suprised. Find people whom you KNOW you can trust, and confide in them first.

Besides, if they're REALLY your friends, they'd accept it, right?


Well, if they are really your friends, they wouldn't care. Because they love you. Just say, "I have something to tell you guys and it's really importnant. I understand if you don't wanna be my friend anymore but I need to let this out." Start it out with something like that. If you want. Make sure you are ready when you do it.. It may be awkward.. But at least you let it out


I'm in the same position, Christina, but I told most of my good friends where I live now and where I have lived as an adult(they're cool), but I'm moving back to where I lived as a child/adolescent/young adult and nobody really knows there except a few close family members. About a week ago I had to text my straight friends that are fraternal twins and parents now with their own families. i was so nervous, I couldn't talk to them on the phone, even! They are cool with it. But you never know the outcome. You just take a leap of faith. I'm still working on talking to the rest. But it's been a month I see, so how did you make out so far?


the best friends are the ones who don't comment and support you.. I haven't come out as Bi, but I reckon a few of my friends know already


I was just in that situation.I told 2 of my best friends 1st cuz 1 of them is bi&da otha gay so it was a easy transition but i was afraid wit my 2 closest family members just cuz i didnt know how they would react&than i told da rest of my best friends and they were cool wit it they were just curious about y i didnt say anything & just asked alot of otha questions,but i am sure everything will be fine.