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DEAN JOHN ADAMS - Gay Guys! <3

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I'm calling you out, since I can't seem to inbox you, I am calling you out to inbox me, you and I are going to have some words, so inbox me NOW!
You have upset someone who I have gotten to know very well, you've done it TWICE and now I'm taking matters into my own hands, obviously blocking (if ever there will be one) doesn't hide the hurtful, nasty comments you write, and reporting you won't do much cause WE CAN'T SEEM TO GET TO THE REPORT BUTTON ON YOUR PROFILE.


hello adaman


Right...what did he do?


This guy says he lives in Abingdon. For the benefit of people who don't know it, it's a small town in Oxfordshire. It must be a bit of a gay mecca, as there are 1066 members in Abingdon!
The cynical among us may think that as Abingdon comes at the top of the pick list, people who don't want to reveal where they are located just select the first town they find.
If you get contacted by anyone from Abingdon, try asking them for details of the town. A quick exit is the usual response.
Btw, Cirencester, which is about the same size or perhaps a bit larger, and not very far away from Abingdon, has 13 members!


cool, thanks for the details...yes you are right, we see it all the time...especially the scammers and spammers we kick out before they get this far.

okay, other than that, what is the reason for this discussion on him?


He's upsetting people on this site, it's getting on my nerves and he's continuously doing it, I've noticed that ever since he's been commenting on discussions here people have been constantly at other people's throats


How interesting Martin.Is there not an American Abingdon like there is an American London? A small town in oxfordshire ha ha a gay mecca ha ha.I can just picture all the quaint little houses with hanging baskets and a bunch of bitchy rampaging queens running through it.


Dear all
I have blocked Dean John Adams for two days. He was warned by me through email and he promised to not enter into a discussion where he wasn't addressed.

Please note, his opinions about younger gays were valid. They were just opinions and he is entitled to express them, granted he didn't do it in a way that we all liked.

I would also like you to know that I am PRO YOUNG GAYS! You guys are wonderfully caring and I thank you all for rallying to defend our young gays.

Signing off...need to give me the rest of the night off to eat, shower, and all that jive :0)

Play nice boys


I expect there are Abingdons elsewhere in the English speaking world, just like there are lots of Woodstocks and Marlboroughs. However, there is still the question of the remarkable number of people (1066) who claim to live there! I only searched for the English one. Just to compare it with somewhere people might have heard of, Oxford, which is about 10 miles away, rates 212 members, and that with two universities in it! It's also about 10x the population of Abingdon, maybe more.
I'm afraid I am always very dubious when I hear someone claims to be from Abingdon. I think on 90% of occasions it would simply be untrue.


Dean John Adams has had his account suspended for two days. Please try to make no more reference to him...just enjoy Gays.com.

When he is allowed back on the site, I don't want there to be any reason for him to feel that he has to defend himself. The next time he stirs up trouble he will be banned...but only if the trouble he stirs up isn't provocated by other members.

I hope you understand where I'm coming from, please feel free to inbox me with any rants, vents or anything regarding this matter.

Thanks guys

Tara | Community Manager


Everyone could also message me anytime about this tropic about Dean or anything else they might need help on...


I am not srue what happened, but Dean has always been respectful to me. I am sorry to hear that he has caused some grief for you guys.




@Everyone please note that Dean J has been taking care of and when and if he comes back on he will be watch..Thx... @ Janjan if you like to you can message me and tell me what he did to make you want to block him..Thx..