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I'm letting my niece stay with me and been trying to be a friend and in some small way get to know her becaue we haven't been in each other livers for years. And when I say years the last time I aw her she was about 8 or 9. Part of that was her father doing and the fact my sister was out there bad changing that glass dick. And the other part is that I was in my own shit and really wanted to have family in my life. Now so many years later we are trying to reconcet(mispell I know) and when she said she had no where to stay I open my door(and that is something I would never do, but she;s fam). Outside of that I been kicking her over $300. I did the money thing because that is what I feel an uncle should do(just like grandparents) so that part I'm not trying on. The part that is killing me is the fact that she told me she didn't love me, part of me can understand that but those words cut me so deep that I'm still bleeding and I don't know what to do next. It's just like the time her mother told me that if we weren't blood she wouldn't let me stay with her when I didn't have a place and in that case I left her house. But now the shoe is on the other foot with her child. I bearly slept because I don't know what to do. I want to ask her to leave, but I don't want to see her on the streets but I don't want to feel unconfortable in my own home, the place where I pay the bills. Maybe someone could give me some help on how to deal with this.


This is relatively simple Eugene. I am in somewhat the same situation. My ex-daughter in law along with my granddaughter and the ex's son from her 2nd marriage. We do have love here, but I have made it known that this time around, she would pay rent until such time as she can be on her own. You need to make this a business arrangement. If not for her, then for yourself.


Alot of teenager say they hate there parents, when deep down they love them, is this cos of your sexuality?, explain to her, try and help her see the bigger picture and help her understand ,

Good luck


I have two boys, whom I love dearly. They were teens when I told them the truth about daddy. I was very fortunate in that they accepted me, because as they said, "You are the same person now that you were in the past."

If indeed it is because of sexuality, that is her problem, not yours. Yes, you need to sit her down, IF she wants, and explain. I think from what you wrote that the problem is not your sexuality as it is the separation from family all those years. Just because someone is related, does not mean there is love there.


It will be hard but you have to let her go!!! I was kind of in the same situation with my daughter. It will help her in the long run!!! Maybe that's why she has no where to stay!!! Being disrespectful!!!