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i consider myself to be a very open person when it comes to talking about sex, relationships whatever but some girls don't like to open up about that area.. i asked a girl who i knew to be into girls about the sexual side of her relationships and she went totally psycho on me, calling me weird.

am i weird just for asking i dunno? help! she had the option of not answering the question, just could have just ignored it btw x


Some people are just not that open. I am usually. I mean sure, straight people asking about things gets awkward, as do people I'm sorta interested in, but I'm an open and honest person by most standards. So, well, like everything in life...everyone is different.


im pretty open about everything and i think it scares a lot of people around me especially girls i like. it sometimes drives them away. but what i've concluded is that if the people cant handle the things you have to say there not meant to be in your life. your not weird, at least the people know dat you wont beat around the bush about anything and that you are comfortable with who you are and what you have done xx


Well even though I am very open minded I am still conservative in many ways. Your sex life is your own business so if people ask me about I get pissed thinking "Why do you wanna know or I don't know you well enough to discuss that or wow that is really unprofessional."

I live by the standard my body is my temple, so if someone is trying to pry it open I attack, same with a lot of people. Honestly you want to talk about sexual stuff better done on the internet, or a convention or a sex shop...

Another note, when people say "your weird" it's not they are saying your unsual it's that the words coming out of your mouth seem bizzar to them because they arn't normally comfortabul talking about it, or the subject so I agree with Sarah's advice to you.

@Sophie--But at the same time if you really like someone and see they are uncomforabul would you be patcient with them or just say "fuck it" it's a waste of time.


I'm a very open person I dont hide much and if people ask Im willing to share but some people just arnt that comfortable with it and I respect that as well