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We speak without words. And for a
moment I am at peace with myself.
The soft rhythmic breathing in my ear
almost lulls me to sleep and sends me
into a land of dreams.

I fantasize of the moment when
our lips will touch and when my
hand will meet yours. I dream of what
we are now, and what we will become.

We sit beside each other dipping our feet
into the river. The water like a mirror revealing
the pink sky. While you admire its beauty,
I can’t help but notice yours; how your
eyes light up when you talk, or how you can
fill a room with happiness with only a smile.

We find ourselves in each other’s arms, when
dreams turn into reality. The warmth of your
skin against mine is an overwhelming feeling I
can’t shake. Every inch of my body is on edge,
sending shivers down my spine.

Never did I think I was capable of these emotions.
To truly feel this infatuated with a person seemed
nearly impossible and yet here we are today.
You’ve captured my heart. Flooded my every thought
and filled my dreams with pictures of you. I am yours.


nice no that not all i can say