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Alrighty then........that thinking believe or not is God giving us free choice!

And mine is to follow in His footsteps! Jesus is MY Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit comforts me annd prays out for me when I have no words, and God the father who placed all my sins on His only son so I could have Eternal life in His presence.

We all have eternal life after death, I've chosen to be in His Glorious presence!


ok i agree with all, but "A Proud Look", whats wrong with being proud of your achievements!, some could argue that then that says being Proud of being GAY, if thats the case is wrong (((


I dunno about everything, but the 2 things i do believe 1 we have a God and 2 there was a Jesus son of God, my R.E. teacher once told me if you make a car, do you chuck metal and oil and all the components into a heap and it just forms the car? the answer is no, someone creates it, ans even although there was a big bang to create the earth, who caused that huh, the creator, it's fact. =D


@lee: being proud of your accomplishments, dreams and goals has having pride in who you are is a HUGE blessing to God. The kind of "pride" that is mentioned here is meant as arrogance, snobby, placing yourself higher than everyone else. It's also the type of pride that tends to get in the way when we are so down on our luck that we won't keeping asking others and God for help. That's a big difference. I hope that's a little clearer for you.


Yeah it does thanks and i never think of myself as higher than others, but i can sometimes think i am a better person, because some people can be so evil! And i always ask God for help, probably don't ask others though..... :s


This is an interesting topic that I just want to share my thoughts.

I was in church one day and my pastor shared a video sermon by John Piper. After that service, I went home and looked him up on youtube to watch more of his sermons and came upon this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n078cvLw8I I hope you guys watch this and share your views.

A little background of myself. I'm a Christian for a couple of years now and the reason why I wanted received Christ as my Lord was because I heard that He can heal anyone and everyone no matter how big the problem is. And I believe that maybe He can heal my "homosexuality". But He hasn't. He hasn't because in my opinion, I don't think it's a disease or a sickness. Not like flu where you have to "catch" it... but being gay is, I guess, something that I was born with? I don't know. I'm still struggling and if you guys can somehow encourage me, I'd feel better, I hope.

Cheers and god bless.


@Jason: I agree with your opinion - homosexuality is not a disease/sickness at all. It is merely one of the beautiful, and essential, variations our God has blessed us with.

Jesus healed me when I asked to be "cured", by teaching me to love and accept myself as I had been created - and being gay is part of that ;0)


Jason, there are complicated and simple ways of looking at things. I prefer the simple ways, it suits my brain.

If you compare your body to a computer, then every part of your body has it's own function or job. That would also mean there's a part that regulates your sexuality, so without upsetting anyone, the 3 MAIN sexualities would be Hetero, Gay / Lesbian, Bi (I know other people consider there to be more sexualities, but there's way too many to go into detail here).

Your sexuality will be set to one of those by default, and there are so many different factors that can then influence that sexuality or change it at some point. The main point I'm trying to make here, is your sexuality is about who you are sexually attracted to. You seem like you feel bad about your own sexuality, when there's no need to be. People make us feel bad about the things we do, and they're in no better a place to judge others than anyone else, and when Christians judge others, they're not being very good Christians, as it's not their place to judge but God's, and God loves all, and love is not a sin.


In John 3:16 it says all those who come to him(Jesus) will have everlasting life. It is not a problem if you are still a gay Christian. And God knows your heart.


Sin is singular, not plural. Sin was overcome on the cross with Jesus becoming that Sin. One. He said, whoever believes on me shall receive a place in Eternity with me. And not by any works whether good or evil. Anyone who adds or takes away from this Book, shall be added the vegeance God will have on Satan for his lies. That Book is the Lamb's Book of Life, wherein all the names of those inheriting the Kingdom are written. Only the Lamb is worthy to open that book.

Also, all the people in the Bible must have been gay-those who helped write it, because what man do you know today who will forsake their family and all they have to follow this Man. He calls Himself the Groom of His love, which is you. And what is matrimony between a man and a woman but harmony and coming together to have and to hold? That is what God desires of us with Him.

Sin? Jesus was once washing the feet of His disciples. One said, Lord! Wash my whole body! Jesus said, You are already clean. You only need to kick the dust from where you been walking. So if one will not accept you, then take His word for it when He says He will send the Comforter- the Spirit to take you as in the wind to meet you in your desires. Do not try to argue and debate with God or any man your righteousness, cause it was on the cross where by no man would be justified by good or evil works, but by one's love for Jesus. How do you love Jesus? He brings to us everyday people and situations and it is in confrontation with these things to take or leave what is offered.

In the last days, the Spirit will be poured out on all flesh. Young will rise up, bones from the grave will become flesh and great earthquakes and natural disasters will happen because of the rage and fear Satan is going through in the ground. And the devil will be exposed in that day and He will make war with God. Love will be poured out on all, but not all will understand it and will do unnatural and abominable things. These people will be taken into the black hole of devil's rage as it rapidly speeds up and this is because they do not know the hand that was given them, that love was always given to us and to have what you want if you walk away from those who try to take it from you.

It's too bad so many gays deny God because of what the Church says. The Spirit of God is on all the gays and even all these young people cause God is putting that desire in us to have Him before it's too late! To seek Him. But the matrimonies of marriage is faithfulness. Many are called, but if you have no root and solid grounding in what you believe, the storm will blow you away, the birds of the air come and eat you, stones choke you cause of what others say to you, which you're so quick to believe.


Remember the story of the adulteerer in the gospel.

Jesus told the pharisee that let anyone who had no sin to cast the first stone on her.

There shouldnt have any discrimination on bis and gays. God never taught that its we mankind did.


I really don't understand all this.

We were under Levitican Law before Jesus died on the cross. We were also under an old Covenant.

Jesus death and resurrection put us under a new Covenant-----and fulfilled the Law:

"To love God and to love your neighbor is the whole of the Law. The rest is commentary."

or St. Paul:

"Love causes harm to no one---therefore, Love is the fulfillment of the Law."

He should know. He was a Pharisee