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Please Take A Minute And Ask Yourself.... - Poetry Group

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This Is not a piece of poetry but it does have to do with Poetry. Please Read.

Poetry is emotion to into words.Sometimes When everyone walks out on you all you have left standing by your side is a pen...and paper. I know I have. Each person's poetry piece is unique and most importantly from the heart. People write about many different topics and emotions that they are feeling. Some are happiness...Some are Anger. I know for me I normally write about Death or the past, and the people's heartless actions and words I inured. I recall in one of my poems I wrote about my childhood school days and awful they where for me. Some of you commented saying you feel the pain and know what it was like. All of us have been teased growing up. And all of us have enemies. Despite what they say and or do, how do you truly feel about them? Do you hate them?

I ask you this because I always though I hated a girl. This girl made my childhood a living hell. Made rumors, Tripped me down stairs, Poured a milkshake on me, you name it....She did it. She was one of the reasons I started to self injure.I always though I hated her. After then she faded away. I didn't see nor did I hear from her. Recently I met up with the girl's best friend as a kid. I asked where the girl was who made my life hell. Her friend said that "She is in NYC in the hospital ding of Cancer". It's horrible. After then I asked my self how did I truly feel for that girl? She made my life hell and cause of her I have permanent cutting scars on my arms . I though I hated her. But yet I feel so bad for her condition...I know I am not the one to blame for her illness. Possibly Karma? But whatever it is and for whatever reason I feel bad for her. So how did I truly feel about her? Did I truly hate her...? So ask yourself. You say you can't stand a person but what if one day...That person was gone? Be honest with yourself.


happy even in the agrovated presents you got to share celebrate you knew them even idf in a bad way?


even if got mad at them the were known so that something to be celebrated