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is there any real lesbians in birmingham? - Lesbian Ladies

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i must admit that ive been on dating sites for a while because i've not used to the gay scene yet because i've only just come out. BUT when i meet up with girls they are either bi curious or just don't seem to be into girls the way they say their into girls, for example i met this one girl, i went out on about three dates and we went shopping, we talk on msn, mobile constantly for about 2 years and ever time i flirt, she doesn't, she stood me up 3 times when you were supposed to meet.

the others don't seem to wanna meet or nothing! :| so frustrated


I use these sites too for that reason. I have absolutely no gaydar so i have a really hard time meeting girls who are interested.
I wish people would be a little more upfront about things. Im not asking for a life story but the basics would be nice, and even better if they didnt lie