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so i decided to write this to just try to remember my good times in my life.
well lets start back at March 26 cause thats the day that my happiness began to blossom. i met the most wonderful guy in my life. His name is Jhonny and hes 23. we met that day in a chat room and we just decided to hang out that night. i went against my parents wishes of not going and just left my home not caring about the punishment. well he picked me up and we just started talking. with me being a bit shy i just told him to pick where he wanted to go and he decided to go to Crystal Cove in newport beach. we had to park out of the beach gate because it was closed and we both knew if we got caught we'd get in trouble but i decided i didn't mind as long as i had him with me. we walked towards the cliff and he held me from behind. that was the moment that i wanted to keep forever. he made me feel safe and like i mattered and not useless. i turned to him and he kissed me. that kiss felt like it was the moment that defined my life. yes im not gonna lie we did have sex on the beach but i don't consider it sex i consider it something more special. we sat down on the bench and he continued to hold me for he knew i was cold and felt good around his arms. we walked down to the shore and walked down both ways. we ended up getting wet from the waves but it was a romantic night. there was a full moon over the water and it became the most romantic moment of my life. we decided to leave because he was tired and it became 4 in the morning. well he left me at my house and he drove off and he said " i promise to call you tomorrow" i shook my head and walked away for i thought he wasnt going to call me. when i got home i showered from all the sand and sea water on me. i sat in the tub and just reflected on that night. i finished and went to sleep. i was grounded in the morning but i told my mother that it didn't matter because i found happiness and it was the first time in months that i've been genuinely happy and not down. we did call and we talked for hours. he was the one man to make me feel like i actually mattered and that i wasn't just a hook-up. we continued to talk for months and he was the first man to teach me how to love myself and to not be afraid to be who i am. i remember him always calling me little boo and how he wanted me to be happy and i felt like this is what being loved my a guy is like. i was his little boo and he was my big brother. he looked out for me and i opened up to him. he became the reason that i now love myself more than before. but now is different. he doesnt call me anymore but its ok. im guessing its for the better. im now thanking you Jhonny. thank you for teaching me life...and for being the only man that i will cry in-front of and confied in...im thankful for the memories and for all you have taught me....i just wish that i could've made you happy and no always take care of me. i wish you love and happiness Jhonny...just never forget that if i die before you that you'll always have me watching over you.

"Never give up, never forget love, and never forget the tears"
I'm actually crying and i wanna take time to thank all of you who read this.


Lenny I know what u went though I met the love of my life and we were together 8 yrs and then he left me for a woman and got married broke my heart into have never gotten over it but am chatting with a guy now and have started to open my heart up again to him which I haven't done in a long time so as u said never give up on love u can love again smiles guy :-) XOXO


You have experienced something special. Something I hope to have one day. I need that moment

Times have been tough.

However, I do have a person I would like to thank His name is Chase. Although we did not have a romantic moment, Chase allowed me to see my sexuality. Before Chase the world was gray. The process of horrifying at the time, but looking back I am thankful.

Thank you, Chase. God bless you and your future wife.

You will always be in my heart.


i do understand what you went thgrough. the only thing that i can say to you is follow your heart and trust your heart. you will find some one who really cares about you


I haven't met someone that made me feel that way yet. I still feel uncomfortable with myself. I know that I'm out and proud but I still feel uncomfortable emotionally. I'd like to meet someone so I can no longer feel uncomfortable with myself, or at least someone to help me get through that so I can be really be myself (not be uncomfortable) Since I've been hurt by most of the guys I've been with, I haven't had that "special" thing yet (walking with someone or laying my head against his shoulder or whatever, that sort of "special" thing.) I hope that you and your friend Jhonny meet again or talk again soon Lenny. Sounded like he really turned your world right side up (from up side down. Lol -^_^-) :-)


Lenny that was absolutely beautiful! Just was wondering how much younger you were than he as you mention parents and punishment.


Wow Lenny, i hav a lump in my throat, This guy turned ur life from Black and White to Color, Now keep ur life in Color, what a fantastic part of ur life u hav experenced.


i drop a tear-its very touching


Great story, remember some relationships are for a season, some are for a lifetime. It's great that you had your good season.


Having something special and then losing it sucks! It's really hard to get past, but necessary - there IS tomorrow, and therefore Hope!

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