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"Poetry -To You and Me"

To rhyme,
With reason,
Or without,
The time,
And season.

Your many thoughts,
Is easier,
Different meanings,
Are floated
From one

Like your eyes,
Can speak
A thousand words!
Can speak
A moment in time,
And make a sound,
For a thousand years.
With different theories,
And concepts
Of the poets design.
Or put them
In a capsule,
Of a few words.

Of joy,
Or worry,
Can be expressed,
And Felt,
In many ways,
In different lights.

The Poets thoughts,
Past experiences,
That came about,
With ink on paper,
And reflections,
From the brain,
To help you ponder,
The past,
Through a pane.
We all see,
From memories,
Of our own,
Our thoughts
In a menagerie
Of people, places and things.

Jeanie Rose




nice i like how you used rhmying technique


yea its a bit different, something I have gotten into lately. NOthing fantastic but it is easier to get er dun. MOst of my old poems for example the one below. Are more like regular stuff, but have changed my style as of late.
here is the older one.
I also notice I tend to get my best inspiration in the early hours of the morning.

“Helping the Brain Carry On”

The kissing of a forehead,
Show’s sincere compassion,
Without any strings attached.

A forehead is for holding,
When the answer escapes the brain;
With laughter from revelations,
Leaves the skin wrinkled
On the wistful brow,
While the connection to the brain mass,
Finally discovers it some how.

The forehead when held by a big surprise,
Helps the excitement to keep it,
From frying it;
Until the cheering has stopped,
From the happiness felt,
And the brain absorbs and unites it.

A forehead is used like a generous bolt of kindness,
Kissing it from injuries,
Of humility and accidents,
Helping us to face the world,
As reality seeps in,
And slowly releases its burdens.

The forehead holds secrets,
In the back of its skin,
From wisdom sought,
Of many moons back,
Like questions from where we began,
Until the brain is ready to express it again.

The forehead when held in disbelief,
Denies the truth as if it’s to grief,
The brain takes hold,
And the mouth gasps for relief ;
While the sweating head is held by the hands,
Just a little bit tighter,
As if the brain inside will become very still,
Trying to find the answer to a great disaster ;
Only to realize,
Behind the forehead,
Is the wiser.

Giving a kiss on the forehead,
Shows we care,
By kissing it each time a loved one takes sick,
A sense of peace and joy fills the air,
By showing this person is truly loved and adored.

Yes, the forehead is an amazing thing!
It is the fore front of many a dream,
At the receiving end which is emotionally brought,
Without the feeling of a wasted thought;
Farewells are short when love lingers on,
Kissing the forehead helps the brain carry on.

Jeanie Rose 6-03-07 - 3:23 am


wow jeanie...you took my inspiration to a whole new level...it's an awesome poem...


gee now i need not post any


your funny Satrer ! thanks for giving me audience!
Thanks Jony! I wrote this after my Aunt passed away. Everyone was kissing her on the forehead and that is what influenced my thoughts. I wrote it quickly and then fine tuned it several times.
I read it to my granddaughter and then she had me read it to her again and then she read it with me and we talked about it and was such a great experience I will never forget bonding with her that way.


lovely, Jeanie.. thanks for sharing

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