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Pain surrounds me and consumes me.
It courses thru my veins and pulses thru my nerves.
My body writhes under its weight.
My mind is tinkering on the brink of madness.
I guess this is it.
I can’t take any more.
I’m finished.


I Know How U Feel I Truely Do!


How can I fall in love with only words?
Words and pictures, grainy and compressed?
A jaypeg love is truly for the birds.
You'd have to wonder whether I'm repressed.
But love it is, through all the bits and bytes,
For someone who's like no one else I've met:
Tender, charming, bright, queen of my nights,
All I've ever dreamed of, on the Net.
And though she's living in a distant place,
I love her as I've loved no one before.
Will I ever get to touch her face,
Hold her in my arms and, perhaps, more?
Ay, me! No matter what, I'm still in love.
Through modems must our e-mailed passions move!


Pain is a terrible thing to live with Simon and you expressed it so well with such deep feelings.
Like your poem Chiki, giving me some thought to write about the net!
Love reading the poetry on this group as it gets my juices flowing.
Just put one on here in a new discussion group called "Poetry-To You and Me"
influenced by Jony another poet on here. Go check it out! and anyone give me your thoughts,. Thanks

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