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You are gone. - Poetry Group

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What do I do, now I've reached the edge?
The cliff is steep to the plain below.
Miles upon miles of emptry air
And no hand will I hold, but your hand
and you are not there.

What do I do when smothering black
Of night engulfs me ... coldly dark
So dark I tingle with sudden fear
No arms do I need but your arms
And you are not there.

What do I do with a life that tells
the end of the world in a darkened mist
But still must keep senselessly on
No love keeps my heart, but your love
And you ... you are gone.


oh that is sad Ashley. Is this based on a true part of your life. Did you lose your love recently? Well if it is I hope you are feeling a little better and each day will get easier. The poem was very much felt.

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