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i feel like many people only have sex for the pleasure now a days.
why not have it for love and passion and not cause its been a couple of weeks that you bust a nut and need to get some.
so should people hook up for the fuck of it or just make 'love'


While I don't agree with the concept of "hooking up," I don't judge people for it. I will say that when you actually find someone that you can "make love" to, it's definitely an irreplaceable experience. That extra connection that you have with a person combined with great sex is the ultimate high blowing any type of random hookup experience out of the water.


Sat. June 25th, 11, 20:55 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi There,
Both Really. Not Because Anything Goes, But B Realistic. Sex is a Biological Fact of Reality. If a Person Doesn't Have a Partner, Then Its Hit the Road and
Go "Sex Shopping": if They are Lucky. If NOT Its the Same Old "Self Service
Program" Right, Being Realistic About Things.


If both people are just doing it to hook-up, then I think so be it. Let them have their fun.

I had a point in time where that's how I was, and now I've been in a happy relationship for over a year, and I can promise its no longer sex, definitely making love. (:


If two people want to hook up for sex that fine but real love comes from a long and lasting relationship.Sex then is for love....

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