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Two poems- "Surviving LIfe" and "New Found Ground" - Poetry Group

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“Surviving Life”

Jumping in the dumpster,
Looking for food,
Surviving the war,
Of the unemployment line,

No bullets here,
Just worries from day to day,
Finding the electric savior,
To keep our heads dry.

Sales signs,
Of houses and goods,
Stand on the highways,
For everyone’s good.
Helping to pay the piper,
You meet eye to eye,
Making deals to survive each day;
From couches, dressers,
And even t.v.’s,
Line the streets,
Of forgotten dreams.

And looking for a new beginning,
From everyday struggles,
Of mundane strife.

Prayers of hope,
Fill the daily mind,
While melancholy,
Strolls through the house,
And corners of depression,
Try to seep into each night.
Reaching out,
For a positive feel,
Of a high energy,
Surrounding your space,
Hoping for a sudden spark,
Of divine intervention,
From prayers of grace.

Surviving daily,
As you learn the ropes,
To the right timing,
For everyday nooks.

Discovering yourself,
In a different light,
When you entered the jungle,
Of everyday life.

Excited for the challenge,
Of what you will find,
Besides a mirror,
Of your wondering mind.

Never giving up,
Is the key,
You will find,
New treasures of gold,
Found from trash,
Of others minds,
To use and savor,
While my mind wanders.
Surviving life.

“New Found Ground”

Flattering glimpses,
Of lightning,
Shaking the ground.

You reminisce,
Of what was,
Not wanting
To leave your thoughts,
As they vanish,
Into the windy,

You spin
Looking for answers,
A troubled mind,
Merry go
And Time.

Sowing new seed,
As change,
Takes heed
And new life
Starts to grow,
Never found,
But new ground
And the merry
Go round,
Slows down.

Tell me how these poems make you feel

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Surviving Life”i like it more my style...real.down to earth 8-)

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well its based on truth and the other one was more meloncholy feelings.

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really nice Jeanie...and don't worry about revealing your age...it's fine...i really fell for Surviving Life...

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yes quite a few like that one. did you see my other poem I just recently submitted on another discussion here at poetry group its called "physical attraction" I wrote in about 5 minutes so it may need some work but go check it out.

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