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a love dream that deffered - Poetry Group

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smelling chocolate as she pass by

a thin hint of smile on her face.

a smile that is so mocking

her hair golden as honey and the smell of frech moring dew

eyes that are so blue, that you swear youre looking

into space.

lips tastes like frech mint.

her voice is like harp that is playing a sweet song...

when she walks, it looks like youre watching a dancer,

that knows each step.

when she kisses it feels like youre in heaven.

her skin is so pale and soft.

when she touches you, it feels like a electic-current going through

your body.

she is so beautiful...that even angels cant compare to her.

i see her fading away...

whats going on...?

i feel as if im going blind

i feel im going dizzy

i close my eyes for a moment...

i opened my eyes --- again...
wishing i did not.
to see nothing...

i cant see her face anymore-her beautiful face.

i look around...


my head was on upon something solf.

i lift my head up slowly...
i look around.
i was in my room.
and i was dreaming.
a love dream.

that will be forgoten.

for ever

against my will.

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