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so i haven't posted in a long time, and i felt that i should post something. i just started writing this, but its not finished, i just can't seem to find the words. i just haven't been able to write, and when i do, its not like what i usually produce. so i've tried to make them go side by side, but its not working. so imagine them side by side haha

Tear me apart,
I see your side, and mine. And it
tears me apart from the inside
out. Your words like ice against
my skin. I know I will only
disappoint you.

I can feel myself falling, slipping,
sliding off the track. I’m saying
things I don’t mean and becoming
colder and colder.

This is the last thing I wanted. I
thought I was in control of this. I
keep pinching myself hoping this
is all a dream and I’ll wake up your
arms, but it’s not. I fear I’ll die alone.

Just let me in,

I see you staring, open up to me.
Just as I’m beginning to like you, you
shut down. I can’t help but wonder what
I’ve done wrong and what I can
do to fix it.

I know we could make this work
if I could just know what you’re
thinking, but I can feel you getting
more and more distant and I’m scared.

You’re slipping and I can feel it. I
can feel you tremble when we touch.
Your words so cold, I don’t know what
to do anymore. Your heart is like an ice
Box and I can feel me giving up.




Haha kinda, the cold one is me. I guess it could be a relationship between two another person and I, or a struggle within myself. And I'm not sure

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