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There's No Place Like Home... - Gay Guys! <3

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well today i had quite an adventure as i went jobhunting...and well it was amazing to explore new places i hadn;t been before...btw i'm using public transportation & walking up & down...so i just got home...& my legs are killing me...but anywho...as i said...exploring these places were a blast...Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Hollywood, & Universal City...and on my way back home...i started reflecting back to all my fun...and only one thought came to me...there's no place like cali...so.now i ask you what do you like most about your state, cities, area...things that i guess you consider special...& make you think there's no place like it...


not much where i live. wine country, that's all, it's a sight to see when you're new to it, but that's pretty much all. it's all stores and tourist traps. the temecula old town is nice, but i rarely have time to explore. despite how slow it is around here, time is hard to come by. san diego is a different story, but i know little about it, i only visit every so often. la jolla is nice, i wish i could go there much more often, but time is rare for me. a nice little cage temecula can be, although gilded, little more. but i guess i'm not the best person to attract tourists


Baltimore is like the San Fran of the east coast. I love the vintage and contemporary feel that we have here. Also, the fashion is always interesting and there are many faux pas but it makes me laugh. People watching is always fun. I like to mess with people's minds like winking at straight men.. LOL! Im bad and I know it but it makes my day. I go skiing at a resort in the western part of the state that's on a lake. Good times had staying at a home on the lake. Skiing and swimming and hiking and tubing make that place a wonderful getaway.


im in eastern ontario its a small town were i live there not 1 soul out after around 10 pm weekdays weekends is a bit better but its a nice place to retire but im 1 hr drive to montreal canada and 1 hr drive to ottawa canada that is the benefits


state of oregon is a state where you have beautiful mountans with nice cold rivers to raft and go fishing on.


iam from the grate white north where the men are men and the polar bears get nevrous....lol
thay say theres no place like home, but as i say home is where you hart isas i have liveed in many places there is awleys nice places and bad place but you rember all the good friends ive made thats whats most important


Well I live in the most historic city in the USA SALEM, MA.. known for the witch hysteria of 1692 in Ye Olde Salem Village. Some 18 miles from Boston we have it all here. Great weather most of the year (I hate Winter personally) for swimming, boating, fishing and Skiiing. We have the World Champion Red Sox and Bruins, The New England Patriots (tho I don't get into football except for the hunky men in the uniforms) and the Boston Celtics. We are famoud for baked beans and Lobster. No matter what you want food wise we have it. Decent roads (with construction but most majour cities have that) and some of the nicest people anywhere. We have all ethnic backgrounds and many languages depending on where you go in the area.
While I may not like winter and visit San Diego in winter just to escape it I would never leave. Salem, Boston and New England are HOME!


Why when I POST do I get this ridiculous message that the site is "OUT FOR A FACIAL" and sao I hit COMMENT again and it keep happenning only to have the post on here 3 or more times!


cool keandre...i've been to temecula a few times...my dad used to work at a winery out there...and yea i guess when it's new...it's always such a sight to see...but i don't know...even though i live in pasadena...pasadena never seems to bore me really...i love it...i guess it depends how deeply you're connected...it's ok dave...i was beginning to think i was the only one...but i guess not...hope they fix that...i've visited 3 states & cities...i agree that idaho & oregon were nice...but i'm used to having latinos as the majority...lol...but as for arizona...omg...that's somewhere i would never go...the people stared at me & my friends like we were aliens from another planet...& also aside from the extreme heat...i can't stand the heat...


I live in KansasCity, Missouri. We have a metropolitan area of around 2 million. There are smaller towns. I live in Midtown.. We have various churches for lgbt people. We have8 bars or so. Our city has an lgbt community center. We get a lot of stuff thatcy'all getvon the costs. We are near the center of America.


London,The History,The Queen,The Theatre,Concerts,cultureFashion,Museums,The buzz i could go on.The weather can be a bit rubbish but there is so much to do.I have lived here all my life and still lots to see.I think the best way to see anywhere is lots of walking.Certainly in London as its easy to take the underground and you miss so much this way.I too love people watching sitting outside a cafe somewhere like covent garden.Great!


Antony and others..I, too, have lived on both London & various parts of the USA. All fantastic stuff, but nothing beats "Downunder". I have tried living in various cities from Sydney to Florence in Italy, California and Hong Kong but nowhere beats Melbourne, Australia.

If you have not been here you should try...It is a magical place.



I live in one of the biggest Navy port on the East coast of the states,Norfolk Va. We also have so much history stuff going on about the wars between the north and south..We have 2 great places to go and ride rollercoaster..And lets not forget Va.Beach such a nice place to walk on the broadwalk and lay in the sun on the beach..I tell all my friends from the north to come down in the summer because of the camping and state paarks the beach and so much more to do here...Anyone wants to come and camp out come here..

@Dave if the facial pops up just close that page out and your comment will post and it will only post once..They are still working on the problem is what I am being told..


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Hi Group,
Calgary - Canada. Why. I Came Out Here is May 78. Flat Broke and Basically Started Over from Scratch. Had to Find Myself as a Gay Person in a Hostile Envirement - Red Neck Province. Its 33 yrs LATER and I Came out OK, Learned
a Lot in the Process about What the West is All About. Calgary is a Great City and its a Great Place to Live. Your GAY. - Come to Western Canada, It Will B
the Best Decision You Ever Made,