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Living Downunder - Gay Guys! <3

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Hi guys. Australia is a long way from where most of you are at the moment. We have a very healthy and open-minded view of same-sex partners here, yet legislation from our pathetic Government means that gay marriage is a no-no.

I would be interested in your thoughts. I have no political agenda, and certainly no same-sex partner whom I wish to "marry" in the near future.

It just seems to me to be unjust.
I would be interested in your opinions. Do we all have to go to Canada to get this right?

Love to you all. Andy.


or The Netherlands also known as Holland



Here in Ireland we hav passed a same sex marriage legeslation, and it's been very welcome as lot's of same sex marriage's are now taking place. Last week i attended a marriage between 2 of my friend's. We hav become so Liberal here that it's a great little Country 2 liv in. If ppl could find work it would be really cool. lol


In England it has taken a long time to get legislation on a lot of gay issues, and although same sex civil partnerships and even adoption are now legalised. And I am surprised by what JJ NN had to say as The Netherland's i had always though was a very liberal country. So all i can say is Andy keep trying to get your Government to change its mind as we did in England. What has always annoyed me is that being Lesbian has never been against the law, as Queen Victoria said it does not exist.


I have no comment on thus seeing since I have mi partner in my life.


Well, It is not much what I can say about it but, I understand your point. I live in a country that claimed to be the best country when it comes "Human Rights" and claimed to be a free country for everyone, for all believes and for all in general but, when it comes to Gay Rights or Gay Freedom, Our liberties, Rights and protections are not there at all. Gay marriage is a no no, and even tho some states have legal gay marriage already the Federal Government does not recognize those marriages!!! USA you suck!!!


You don't have to go to Canada..... Spain has full legal right for Gays, Ireland, and Netherlands also. There is a few more countries with full gay rights!!!


who has a spare plane ticket ha ha j/k


I truly hope that same sex marriage passes in New York. Even though I am not in a committed relation right, I very much dream of finding the right Dom Gay partner and getting married.


Sun., June 19th, 11, 21:20 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group,
Gay - Same Sex Marriage. Simple Just Cum Through the "Stargate" to Canada
and Get Married. Canada is ONE of the More Progressive Countries When It
Cums to Equality Rights for Gays/Lesbians.
After All - We are the "True North Strong & Free."