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Have you ever had one of those 'Damn...' moments? - Lesbian Ladies

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What I mean is that something happens and you end up in really close proximity with a really cute woman and yet you know that she is about as straight as they come? Lol that happened to me the other day and It officially became my new "Damn" moment haha

Share your stories!! We can rant about it later lol ;p


My "Damn" moments are more like meeting a cute girl at a bar or wherever and thinking about it later and being like well I'm glad I got her number ...except not because I totally forgot to ask for it ...good I'm glad that worked out


lol sounds like a bummer


Mmm I like meetin straight women
but my "damn" moment would be when i find out they are definately not even a little bicurious lol


There was a really sexy girl singing folk music in this gig I went too. And all night I practically ogled her coz she was so pretty, she sung a song about a girl which I assumed meant she had had a relationship with one. Then at the end of the night she walked over to this table with this boy and held hands with him. Now that my friends is a 'damn' moment. *sighs*


Hah my LIFE is "Damn" moments. All of it. Every waking minute. See, I don't know why, but I am like a magnet for extremely cute, extremely STRAIGHT girls. &gt=/

But then again I'm also awkwardly enough a magnet for lesbian and bisexual girls who are absolutely bat shit crazy. ._. Or like 14 year olds. Umm, I'm 20, guys, no thanks.

But, for example, just the other day I saw this SUUUUUPER cute girl...I work at Food 4 Less, see? (Super glamorous I know.) And so all these cute girls go through my checkout all the time. But this one, she had a spiked cuff bracelet on one wrist, a rainbow band on the other, adorable short, black, messily spikeyish hair (think Shane mane but shorter) and red brown eyes. The final perfect detail: she was wearing a Tegan and Sara hoodie. This girl was SO gay. Then her girlfriend comes over and pecks her on the cheek and asks if she got the veggie burgers. Of course the ONE that is actually gay is taken. &gt=/