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Twitter anyone - Gay Guys! <3

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added you to my twitter


I don't twitter I come here to meet friends and talk why do you have to go some were else...Twitter is the dumbest thing I every hear of...


I agree with you Michsael wholeheartedly


Tues., Jun 14th, 11, 19:20 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group,
Lets see. What Have I Got. Have a Few Misc Act. Don't do Much With Them
Really. I Do Have an Act on "My Space". B Nice is Someone withj Deep Pockets
Would Rescue "My Space" and Bring It Back Up to the Good Reputation It Had.
On Facebook. Boy are They "Paranoid" When You Add a Lot of Friends/Associates to Your Page. Don't See That on My Space. Skies the Limit
on My Space ALSO I Find on My Space there is a Lot More Privacy Then on
Facebook. Facebook is More "Hetro" and More Open to the Public etc Noticed on My Space Its very "Gay Friendly"
I'm on Gays.com so Come there a Lot Wonder Why. Right. I have Act on
Gay.com, Planet Out.com and 365 Gay.Com They are Good in There Own Right
But I Notice Its Harder to Have Associates on These Groups and It More Say
Big Money, Entertainment, Bars/Pubs and the Whole Lot Really.
Just a Few Opinions.


add me hot guys


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