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I love u but im not in love with you.. - Poetry Group

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I kneel on the floor, tears falling from my eyes. i have learnt to hate you, along with all ur dispicable lies,
then why do i still love you, why am i still here. when you have broken me and still not shead a tear,
people say its plain to see, people say its clear. that's if i just run away, you would just simply dissapear,
but nothing was ever simple, therez nothing clear to see. i could never run away, from what was once so dear to me,
i love u but i hate, without u id be dead. but you'll be the death of me, with all the things you'ev said.i know this wont make any sense. u might misunderstand me please just never leave me, all i want you to do is hold my hand..


i know EXACTLLLY how you feeel,


Love really sucks sometimes. Very nice work