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My life as a teenager - Poetry Group

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May be I wear baggies with black socks n converse,maybe I don't listening to RnB n I'm not on social horizon, maybe u think its a curse,
maybe you look at me and think gee she's a nothing girl,
Maybe I like being alone which seems like a sin today and maybe I like to let my imagination run free sometimes,mayb you can't understand this and that's why you can't see,and if that makes me a nobody hey that's okay with me,
This world makes you believe your sexuality mustn't be detect, your face must be picture perfect,and wear the best clothes just to be accepted,maybe I look at you and feel sorry that your blind,robots that you became,your self that you'll never find,
You made your self as well as me,this means I'm something,the world is a liar,and if I must be a nothing,for you to see it,then so be it !

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