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today while i was working i heard some one call another person call some one a faggot. it made me think, "how come its ok people can yell homophobic slurs but racial slurs can get you in deep shit?" you can sue some one for call you a racial slur right? i dont get why its not like that for gays. it makes me so mad when people say "thats gay" and im like hello im standing right here. maybe i should start yelling out racial slurs to people who say "thats gay" think they'd catch on? nah i don't think so.


Where I live such things aren't allowed anymore. Then again, we are kind of one of the most gay-tolerant people in the world (technically speaking), but here discrimination towards gays, just like other races, is illegal.
Give it time, cause that's what it'll take, and eventually homophobia will no longer be tolerated. With the upcoming Gay Straight Alliances, the next generation should start to become more tolerant towards gays.


i hope so, id like to be able to walk into a restaurant with my girlfriend with out getting dirty looks


ignorance is a large part of the world im afraid i heard someone say in my law lecture that being gay was still against the law :? its common and annoying but soon it shall be righted. I do still say things like thats totally gay because i refuse to see it as an insult. i wish to bring back the older meaning that gay is happy i wish to see that brought back.
I looked at figures with my best friend, who also happens to be a lesbian, and we found out that a shocking number of hate crimes against homosexuals was never solved and just left. this is very true as in my home town alone i know of 3 girls that have got away with fracturing a lesbians spine over the fact that she was gay it may be shocking and annoying but this is the world we live in it may seem unfair but at least its now your living not the 1500s keep smiling


not just homophobia but there is still a lot of sexism out there too. I for one don't stand for it and call ppl out on their shit. They get uncomfortable fine, that's the first step to making someone think about there ignorance.


It is not okay for others to call people those horrible surls