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Here Goes Another Poem... - Gay Guys! <3

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The Difference Between You And Me…

I walk towards the mirror and begin to stare…
I wonder what makes people different than me???
To have such thoughts are really rare…
Could it be my physique, thoughts, or personality???

People seem to be different in size…
Small, thin, average, large, or tall…
I’m sure this comes as no surprise.…
But this has nothing to do with it at all…

There are thoughts that differ from my own…
And there those that share a similarity…
This is something I’ve always known…
But this isn’t what I seem to see…

Personalities, oh my there are so many…
Good, bad, and some that are unclear…
But mine could be the same as any…
Hmm, I guess my answer isn’t here…

Interesting but how could this be???
It’s not my personality, thoughts or physique…
Ah now I see the answer is right in front of me…
I guess this is what we call being unique…


Love the poem Jony,as you you say in all of us we are unique,we who we are,and someone will find that uniqueness just what they need.


be glad you are unique !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the best there is.................




Maybe you could get together with a song writer and try putting some of it to music.....just a thought.


have you thought of publishing poems jony? you would be good at it.


no i haven't really given it any thought into publishing...i'm still new at this...i don't know if i could...but thanx for all the comments guys...


How true Jony. It is what makes us unique. Have you put any thought into maybe, saving these poems of yours, and maybe putting them into a book, sometime. Or possibly selling them. There's a magazine called Poetry Magazine that buys poetry. Try typing in PoetryMagazine.com, and see what you find. Good luck, and keep them coming.


yea...after writing them on here...i usually write them in a notebook...but i haven't put any thought into putting them in a book or anything...for now i'm ok sharing them with you guys...and well i'm sure it be great to have a book...but i'll just see how many i'll be able to write...


if you publish all of your poems into a book let me know where i can buy your book of poems jony.


Just take your time and let the words flow..I am happy to read all that you write no matter how long it takes..Like homer said if you everwrite a book of your poem iI would love to have one too....


very nice poem,i am still looking for my uniqueness heh


don't worry Ike...uniqueness isn't something we could search for...because it's something we already have...regardless if we could see it or not...it exists in everybody...


beautiful, once again, you amaze me! asking the questions we all ask ourselves and yet fear asking another. judgment and all it's setbacks, amazing, i absolutely love it


Loved And Lost

We danced the dance of lovers

for in all actuality

we were like no others

yes, we had our own unique personality.

It all seemed like it would never end

at least that was the way I did see

in the end, it was not us. In the end, it was only me.

You took the wrong advice my love

from the wrong people

they were the ones, that when push came to shove

they only thought inside their church steeples.

For My Ex-BF


excellen poem


Thank You, Tony. Some of my poetry can be a little on the darkside, depending on my moods.


yea...for me it depends what words come to mind...after that i have to get into that mood or state of mind to find the rest of the words...nice poem by the way Mark...


Like reading your poem Mark